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Sew Many Flags; The Complete Flagmaker's Manual  
A practical flagmaker's workshop ISBN: 978-952-5424-19-5
Publisher: Artelina, PO Box 421, Paddington Qld 4064
Author and Illustrator: McGifford, Anja

© Anja McGifford 2004; no part of the publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher.
210 x 240(H), 187 pages
48 colour, 212 black & white illustrations

Sewing quality flags and banners made easy!

See some sample pages from Sew Many Flags.

Flags and banners are everywhere! 

You may have a flag pole in front of your home. Many companies promote themselves with large flags bearing their logos. Schools fly their own flags, and the national flag, of course. Boats have their own range of flags and pennants. Sporting flags are a must for any sports fan. We have flags on table tops, we carry them, we hoist them on flag poles and hang them from wall brackets. 

Who makes all those flags? Well, they can be printed, and often are. However, the good old fashioned way, which gives the best looking and longest lasting results is to sew them. Anyone who can draw, sew and cut accurately can learn to make flags. It is a growing market, and yet it remains a well kept secret, a niche for any enterprising person with sewing skills.

Sew Many Flags shows you how easy it is to make flags, pennants and banners of all types. The writer has years of experience as a flagmaker. She tells you all the tips you need to get your flags looking like they were made by a professional - and soon you will be one too! Start here for some free info.

The book divides national flags into 17 groups, based on their structure; simple stripy ones with or without emblems, cross flags, those divided diagonally, Union Jack related designs, and so on. One or more flags of each type is described in detail.

See some of the pages from Sew Many Flags or check the list of contents.

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We are looking for a manufacturer of wool flag bunting. We get enquiries from other flag makers, requests to recommend a weaver of traditional wool bunting.  This could be a great business for a weaver - the demand may be small, but constant. Please send us samples of your fabric including your price, business name, address and all other relevant details, and we may pass your details on. Please note, we will not necessarily purchase the fabric ourselves. Weavers from Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia are especially encouraged to contact us.

Flag bunting is plain weave material, and the number of colours required is fairly limited.


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