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The Complete Flagmaker's Manual
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Turkmenistan flag detail

Flag of Tibet

Scotland Rampant Lion
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Sew Many Flags; The Complete Flagmaker's Manual  
ISBN: 978-952-5424-19-5
Publisher: Artelina, PO Box 421, Paddignton Qld 4064, Australia.
Author and Illustrator: McGifford, Anja

© Anja McGifford 2004; no part of the publication may be reproduced without written permission from the publisher.
210 x 240(H), 187 pages
48 colour, 212 black & white illustrations


Sew Many Flags 
Please contact the publisher:

PO Box 421
Paddington Qld 4064

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First published 1994. Third edition 2003.
Paperback, 105 x 145 mm. 260 pages. .

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Kazakhstan flag detail

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